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Video Production Case Study: Our 2017 Magnavox Campaign

Magnavox vintage logo

Video Production Case Study: Our 2017 Magnavox Campaign

Miami video production aficionados, advertising insiders and more! The Luminary team is pleased to kick off our blog for 2017 with the world premiere and breakdown of one of our favorite video campaigns ever: a four spot digital and TV campaign we conceived, produced, shot and edited last December for legendary American electronics brand Magnavox, showcasing the diverse array of uses for their latest line of products, while simultaneously re-launching their brand to the latest generation of tech consumers everywhere.

As a Miami video production company, we aren’t usually asked by our clients or the agencies we work with to actually conceive of the concepts behind the spots we shoot (or much less write copy), which made this opportunity with Magnavox that much more interesting: for the first time in a while, we would have the opportunity to execute a video campaign from paper to screen. The full monty. All 100 yards. The job of copywriters and agency Creative Directors would fall on us alone. A daunting task, but one which we were more than eager to assume (we tend to value the boldness of risk around here).

For those of you with shorter attention spans or the inability to control your hunger for fresh, miami video production content (things we can definitely relate to), feel free to jump to each of the four spots by scrolling to the embedded links in this post. For those of you with a more classical taste, or with an insatiable desire for detail, we’ve prepared a long body of text with some information about the campaign, its objectives, and how we answered the call to bring those objectives to fruition. Enjoy!


As alluded to earlier, Magnavox came to our Miami video production company in November 2016 with the intent of creating a four spot campaign that would achieve the objective of re-introducing the long dormant, but iconic 100 year old brand, to a new generation of consumers and tech enthusiasts, with an aim towards:

A) highlighting the unique and powerful elements found in their products.
B) highlighting their equally unique and powerful uses.
C) transcending the brand and tying it to music as a whole, in the minds of customers. “When people think of music, Magnavox should instantly come to mind.”


To achieve these objectives, the Luminary team conceived of the following two spots, and Magnavox added a third, with our help (which is referenced below), from which a fourth – a general brand video – was created:

1. Magnavox: “When Words Are Not Enough”

This concept aims to create a universally relatable spot, by examining a universally relatable theme that goes beyond simply selling a product. The theme employed is the transcendent impact of music and sound, and Magnavox’s particular strength in delivering that transcendent impact is subconsciously tied in to the theme.

“When words are not enough” references the power of music and sound, how it can upend anything; even the power of words. This general concept can be applied across multiple scenarios in life, and can therefore be used as a platform for future ads, or for an extensive campaign. Any situation where music transcends other elements – a teen communicating with his girlfriend by playing music outside her window; a deaf person hearing for the first time because of music; a piece of music helping a couple who’s fighting patch things up, etc. – all of these situations exemplify when words/sight/hearing/etc., are “not enough,” and how Magnavox can help empower music to create a moment, or a change.

Objectives achieved: Objective C.

2. Magnavox: “The Party Never Stops”

This concept directly targets millennials with its energetic and youthful setting: a lovely house party where music is at the center of the entertainment and experience.

By doing this, it showcases the product in a different light – not only as a convenient luxury product (Magnavox products are usually priced higher than most electronics products), but in this case, a practical, must-have item that can be a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs, no matter what the environment, scenario or scale of a moment or event.

The fact that the Magnavox product later “comes to the rescue” of the party demonstrates the ability of Magnavox’s products to come in handy in both planned and unexpected scenarios.

Objectives achieved: Objectives A and B.

Magnavox-conceived spot:

1. Magnavox: “Life. At Your Beat.”

This concept was conceived by the marketing team at Magnavox as a practical way to showcase the vast array of day to day scenarios where a Magnavox product is necessary, and the ease in which their products can be integrated into that daily routine.

To synthesize the concept, the Luminary team tied everything together with the slogan “Life. At Your Beat,” which connects music and the day to day of life together, with the implication that Magnavox is the link between the two, and the provider of the balance that is found in the interaction of the two.

Objectives achieved: Objectives A, B and C.

The Fourth, “Summarizing” Concept:

1. Magnavox: “2017 Brand Video”

Everything that makes Magnavox what it is, and sets it apart, is put together here, in the great recap/summary of the campaign. The “anthology” of the set, if you will, which stands as the go to, crowning video of the Magnavox brand.


As they’ve done before, our producing combo of Stephanie and Alonso executed the monumental task of scouting locations, casting, coordinating schedules and locking down permits and permissions with less than a moment’s notice, which translated into a smoothness on set that we have rarely experienced in our many years in the video production environment.

As has become routine, our Director, Alonso, executed the objectives of each spot in a polished manner that struck a fine balance between essentials and experimentation. The use of medium shots was extensively employed, to showcase the intimacy between the characters of the spots and their Magnavox products, with a focus on a “clean” visual execution of the story (predominant use of steady shots, comfortable, flattering angles, etc) that never veered too far into the unexpected, in order to keep the concentration on what’s in front of the camera, and not the camera itself.

Our visual guru/DP Andy was tasked with designing an extensive array of lighting diagrams that could accommodate the diversity of stories across all spots. Moments of intensity or concentration were generally marked with more intense shadows and colder tones, while moments of leisure were given a warmer palette, with softer, more diffused light. Lighting was usually designed to accommodate the character and the Magnavox product in the same beam and tone, to subliminally connect the mood of the character to the product. In “The Party Never Stops,” the challenge became how to balance the need to properly expose and avoid noise in camera, while simultaneously giving the illusion that the power had gone out, and that the only source of light remaining – the moon – was realistically portrayed. A challenge that was eventually resolved with the use of various in camera mechanisms meant to be complimented by post production tools.


Alonso brought his editing chops in to deliver a diverse array of editing styles, as can be seen in a spot like “When Words Are Not Enough,” where he carefully navigated the lack of dialogue and sudden transitions between music and silence to create a “self sufficient” series of cuts – ones that neither relied on music or words – while simultaneously aiding music and the lack of words in their attempt at telling the story. Similar examples of this style can be seen spread all across the Magnavox spots.

Andy complimented his cinematography with the use of a rich gamma curve, slightly brought up midtones, diffusion and fill light tools to add slight touches of gloss, and teal shadows, to create a lightly stylized look that would enhance the premium qualities of Magnavox’s products. An exception to this was in “When Words Are Not Enough,” where a nostalgic and romantic look that supported the narrative was achieved with a warm shifted palette in the midtones, and very lightly contrasted with a touch of teal in the shadows, to decrease the appearance of a dominant, “warm filtered” look that would look too unrealistic. Light vignettes were also employed to isolate pockets of light that didn’t compliment the intimate and romantic setting that was attempted.

And that’s a wrap for this post, video production connoisseurs! Hope to see you all here next time.

– Andy

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